Birth photography is an amazing way to capture this exciting time for
your growing family. It frees up the birthing team to be able to fully support Mom while the
photographer is able to document the incredible story of your baby’s journey into the world.

It is more of a photojournalistic approach to photography and the photographer plays a “fly on the wall” 
role in your day. Birth photography captures: a father’s first time holding his newest love, 
first breaths, first cries and the overwhelming joy of meeting your new little one. 

 The resulting photos & slideshow are a gift to reflect upon during a time when fatigue  and anticipation
can make memories fade.  A baby is only born once. You only get one
 chance at capturing so many firsts. 

Your family deserve to celebrate this time and make this a truly and remarkably wonderful
experience you will never forget. Why simply tell your child their birth story when you can show them?

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