I'm a birth photographer

I'm a birth photographer. That title feels as natural to me as my name. As natural as daughter, sister, and friend. It means that I will give up birthday parties and vacations and dinner to join you at 2 am to welcome your baby into this world. It means I will fetch cold wash cloths and towels and give reassuring smiles when you think you can't do this anymore because you really...really can. It means I will do my very best so that you can look back and remember the birth of your child as if it were yesterday. I will honestly and respectfully tell your story. 

I never planned on becoming a serious business owner. Cincinnati has plenty of incredible photographers  - they certainly weren't suffering without me. I picked up a camera because capturing moments felt special. Life goes by so insanely fast and to be able to freeze a moment for someone felt like a gift. When I started with photography I practiced on family and friends and it was fun and it was a break from my day job. I love art and photography was an outlet for my creativity but it never felt like more than a hobby. 

I've always been in love with local photographer Annie Varland's work. She's incredible and talented and kind and she would light up when she talked about birth photography. I had a brief period of time when I had wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse so I thought maybe this could be my niche. After my first birth I knew. Birth photography is my calling. 

I'm a birth photographer.

In my bones. In my soul. It's part of me. Capturing the quiet moments when a laboring mother gathers strength to power through transition or the exact moment when a man becomes a father is honestly the best thing I've ever done with my life. 

To all the families who have trusted me to be part of the welcoming committee for their newest little loves - Thank you. Thank you for letting me share in your story and thank you for so graciously letting me help you to tell it.